Experimenting with Mirror Vinyl

Art installations with the use of mirrors often have an underlying meaning, as it can be the creator’s way of expressing a reflection on the world. Mirrors can be used to create thought provoking reflections, or even to create light and infinity effects.

We have introduced mirror vinyl into our photo experiences for clients such as Diesel, Depop & more.

During London Fashion Week, Diesel covered their entire store with mirrored vinyl as part of the #BeYou campaign, we provided a matching mirror vinyl booth and influencers were able to come and have a photo taken on vinyl paper, they could then stick this photo onto the store front and this was the result.

To push the message of Depop championing its community, Depop Market London created an three day pop-up to fill the gap between online and offline, we provided a mirror vinyl booth for those all important selfies.

Get in touch for ideas on how you can bring mirrored effects into your photo opportunity at your next event.

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